Update on Kaylea Ballantine

Here is an update from Jeff and Amy Ballantine, the parents of 5-month old Kaylea, who had liver transplant surgery in December:

Hello everyone,

Happy New Years! This past year of 2016 was a big one for our family, particularly with our baby daughter Kaylea receiving a liver transplant.

We are still in Pittsburgh, PA at the Children’s Hospital, but will be discharged, Lord willing, today January 3rd, and then be moved to the Ronald McDonald house.

Kaylea is doing wonderful! The doctor’s are very pleased with her recovery progress. They said we should be at the Ronald McDonald house for about 2 weeks for clinic check ups, and then we can go home. We are excited and so thankful to God for His hand in a successful liver transplant! Rob, Kaylea’s uncle and liver donor, also had a safe and successful surgery and we are extremely grateful to him for his love and generosity. Such a special gift to Kaylea and our family!

We also want to thank each and everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers, the fundraisers, and money gifts, you have given to help financially. It has helped us immensely with travel, lodging, and food expenses while we have been here at the hospital. We can’t thank you all enough! God is so good, and is supplying our needs, and so much more! Philippians 4:19

Kaylea is nearly 7 months old and is now a happy, playful, sweet little baby. We thank the Lord for His mercy, and grace to us!

With love from,
Jeff & Amy

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