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We are affiliated with the Beachy Amish Mennonite Church, an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian fellowship with an Anabaptist heritage and a conservative practice. For more information on our doctrine and beliefs, please visit www.beachyam.org, an unofficial website about the Beachy constituency.

42 Responses to About Us

  1. Tom says:

    I came across the Atrim Mennonite Choir on YouTube. The singing and voices are beautiful. Thank you. Tom

  2. Rosalyn Regier malamma says:

    This song was sung at my mother’s funeral. I you tubed the song because I love this old hymn and I found your church. Your choir is exceptional. I too am mennonite and sure miss a choir as my church like so many has no choir. Thank you

    Rosalyn Regier malamma from California

  3. Joseph Robbie Gallo says:

    I came across your choir doing a search for “Rock of Ages” on youTube and was. totally delighted with your performance of this classic hymn. It could not have be sung or presented any better by any choir! Thank you! Robbie G.

  4. Carlos says:

    I really enjoy listening to your choir music; you do a wonderful job. May the Lord bless you for using your talents to praise God!

    I have your “Amazing Grace” CD and was trying to locate the music for this arrangement of Amazing Grace. I as wondering if someone could assist me?

  5. cecil says:

    are you washed in the blood song on you tube: i love it so much! were can i get it.

  6. Beth Bates says:

    I too am looking for music from the AMAZING GRACE CD. If there is sheet music for THE CITY OF GOLD it would be very nice to have. The Antrim Choir has been a great source of joy and happy listening and singing for my husband and me. We have sung acapella music all our lives and so much enjoy some of the old hymns done with such care and joy.
    Beth & Ken

  7. Merrill gehman says:

    I liston to your choir on u tube every once in a while, and tell others about it.you somehow hit the nail on the head with many of these old hymns and how you sang and recorded them. For us who were brought up singing these songs ,it is good to hear them again, and to hear them done so well,that it is easy to sing along with, and rememder our parrnts and family and freinds and how these hymns bonded us all together. I would like to know the femail voice on the recording of God Will Take Care Of You. I would like to visit your church some time. Im in my truck in Nevada tonight, but i have good music to listen to yhanks to you.

  8. Betty and Al Mangum says:

    We viewed and listened to the choir’s version of “Who Am I’ and have searched the internet to find the song on CD. We found several CDs by the Antrim Mennonite Choir, but none of them listed “Who Am I.” Is it available on CD? We recently traveled thru Ohio on our way to western Michigan. We would love to worship with you sometime!
    Betty and Al Mangum
    Pinehurst NC

    • We would love to have you join us whenever you are in our area! As far as I know, the Antrim Choir does not have a recording of “Whom Am I,” but the Sharon Singers from Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute do have the song on their 2010 tour CD called “You Shall Be My Song.” It is available through their website at http://www.sharonsingers.com. I hope that helps!

  9. William Larson says:

    Picked up your Amazing Grace CD at a truck stop. It caught my eye because it was sung at my sisters funeral, December 2012. It brought tears to my eyes with her memory.

    Thank You good people!

  10. Steven Mangwalala says:

    Am a seventh-adventist. I like listening to adventist songs only but av come across new beautiful voices from antrim mennonite choir. May God bless you people. Your amazing grace album is so amazing, i like it more. I would like to sing with you in Heaven.

  11. Mark Ausman says:

    I received your Amazing Grace CD from brother Jody in Olympia, WA. It’s wonderful and surely glorifies our Lord. Thank you so much.

  12. lenord kurien says:

    Your choir is awesome.. on youtube I just came across.. God bless you all..

  13. Hans says:

    I don’t know where to begin! I just stumbled upon your song, “Have You Been To Jesus”. If your church actually preaches and believes what you sing, you are one very rare church. I’ve been to numerous churches over twenty years, everything from Mennonite to Baptist to Lutheran and Presbyterian etc. and except on very rare occasions at the first church I went to, not once have I ever been preached to about the necessity to be ready and washed in His blood. All I’ve ever heard is “Jesus loves you” ad nausea. And all you ever hear is some loud band making a racket trying to appease and draw the world in; all done with good intentions and admittedly with some success. So God bless them, but still I can’t help but to think that angels must cover their ears when they hear it. What the church here has forgotten is that they don’t need to appease the world to bring people in. They only need to be faithful to Jesus and have themselves washed and purified by Him. He will do the rest. Your singing is very rare. I can tell that you are not just doing a performance but actually mean what you sing. And this comes through. Thank you!

  14. Faye says:

    This choir is incredible. I came across it after a song “I remember Calvary”..I sang it repeatedly.. My mom loved it,my sister,my girlfriends…. Its a nice choir. I love how you write the name of this choir before a song begins.it has helped me listen to most of your songs.

    Keep up!

  15. Engelbert Probus says:

    We are also 7th day Adventists, love your choir, play it every Sabbath morning. May the Lord richly bless you all. He gave you great talents to produce His praises. We wanted to find out how this Choir came into being.

  16. Martin says:

    Hi there!
    Are you the same people or church as Sunnyside Amish-mennonite singers?

  17. John Sharp says:

    As a Reformed Baptist, I MUST say how I am thoroughly enjoying your you tube hymns and spiritual songs. Keep up the good works.

    Praise God.

  18. One of the Best Choir’s i have ever listened to “He could have called Ten Thousand Angels”

  19. Nancy Brown says:

    Your choir is a blessing to me. I am in Windsor Nursing home in Columbus, Ms/ Each morning I start the day singing the hymns with you. It is such a blessing and gives me peace and contentment.Thank all of you so much. Have a blessed day. Nancy

  20. Lynda says:

    I am a born again Christian and attend a Reformed Baptist Church in the UK. I discovered this church through listening to the choir on YouTube. Such beautiful voices and the hymns sound so pure and wonderful with out the distraction of music. I am looking forward to listening to the sermons on this website. Thank you so much.

  21. Richard says:

    Listening to your music takes me back to my childhood days in Somerset County PA and where we were surrounded by much Mennonite and Beachy-Amish singing. In particular your arrangements remind me of the days of the Mountain Anthems of the 70’s and 80’s when led by brother Menno Beachy. May God Bless.

  22. HalliBurton Greer says:

    I was raised in the Church of Christ (NOT United), and thought they were the only congregations still singing a cappella. And to our “up bring” does our soul often yearn to return. Absolutely beautiful music. If only those who gather on Sunday morning would fathom the impact of the music.

  23. Catherine Hosty-Blaney says:

    Hi I am trying to get ‘God Be With You Till We Meet Again’ sung by Antrim Mennonite Choir. I have bought the ‘Amazing Grace’ CD but unfortunately its not on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • It is on their Hymns of Faith cd, which I don’t think is available anymore. I could make you a copy of the CD if you don’t care that it won’t be professional looking.

      • Catherine Hosty-Blaney says:

        Hi. many thanks I would love that. If you let me know how much it cost I will forward it in any way that is convenient to you. I live in Nr. Ireland so I would need to pay you for postage too. Is it ok to leave my address on this post?
        Kind Regards

  24. Catherine, can you please send your address to my email: leemiller2697@gmail.com.

  25. Clancy Prescott says:

    Presence and power of holy spirit was overpowering as I listened to this chior how can I Punchase

  26. Jim Childs says:

    I am an old man and really miss the hymns that no longer are played by churches of today. Where I live I know of no church within 100 mi. that doesn’t have a form of a Rock Band.
    Thank you for the music and My GOD Bless .

  27. Debra Graber says:

    We have Amish roots back when our relatives were in Switzerland, then in Montbeliard, France. Wondering if you have any Grabers or Goerings in your group? The soloist in “I will sing Your wondrous story” sounds just like my brother-in-law, Sid Graber!

  28. Kelly BOESEN says:

    This Sunday morning in the tiny Staples Texas Methodist Church I heard two hymns sung by your beautiful choir.
    That was a gorgeous blessing!
    Many thanks for making your wonderful music available. May GOD continue to bless all!! Thanks again, Kelly BOESEN, New Braunfels, Texas

  29. Revd Bryan Ashberry says:

    I discovered your choir accidentally (no, that can’t be right!) and hyoid singing is si inspirational. The old hymns are so moving and at my ripe old age of 83 I find them comforting. Can’t wait to discover more of your music.

  30. Peter Howarth says:

    Just listened to Just as I am, without one plea, as I sit here in Antrim, Northern Ireland – beautiful.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I was looking for some uplifting spiritual music. Your choir was recommended on YouTube. I also sent a friend your choir’s music. My friend is dealing with Stage II throat cancer. He was lifted, and touched. Thank you from both of us. May God continue to bless you!

  32. Gail Owens says:

    I have just come across this page. Are you based in Antrim in the UK?

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